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How to increase likes in facebook ?

What is Facebook Likes?

Facebook “Like” allows you to endorse any type of content shared by any user.

Friends, when we post any photos or videos on Facebook , we get the options of Like, Comment and Share under them. When we like a post, we like it by clicking on the like button. It means we like this post.

Like, Comment and Share these three options are given on any social media. If there is a like sign thumb in any app, then there is a heart ️ on some app. Talking about Facebook, a sign with thumb is seen in it.

Why are Facebook Likes so important?

Friends, in any social media platform, you get to see the option of Like and Comment. Because this lets users know how much other users are liking whatever content they are posting on their account.

And talking about Facebook, it is also a social media platform and users share photos, videos etc., things with their friends. If the features of Likes and Comments are not there, then we will not know whether people are liking our shared content or not.

So friends, whether it is Facebook or any other social media platform. It is very important to have Like and Comments feature to know whether our friends/followers are liking our posted content or not.

How to increase  likes in facebook ?

So let's friends now know how to increase likes on Facebook in an organic way? While publishing any type of post on Facebook, keep the following issues in mind.

#1: Use High Quality Images and Videos.

Friends, often when people publish a photo or video on Facebook, they ignore the quality of the photo and video. And publish low quality photos and videos.

From this it happens that when your friends see your posted photo or video on Facebook, they do not like your post due to poor quality of photo and video. And this also reduces the likes on your post.

So that's why friends should always post high quality images and videos only.

#2: Use Hashtags.

Whenever you make a post on your Facebook account, then at the time of posting, you must put hashtags related to the thing you are posting about. With this, more and more people see your post and more likes come on your post.

And yes friends, do not put too many hashtags on your post. Add hashtags only if necessary, a little more related to your post.

#3: Add Location.

You have gone to visit some place and if you have taken your photos there and then when you post those photos, then you must enter the location of where the photo has been taken. By entering the location, the reach of the post is more and from this you can get more likes.

#4: Add a good description.

Friends, while publishing any post, they must put a good description related to the post. Type a good attractive description for your post. This lets the user viewing your post know what your post is about and also makes the post easier to understand.

If possible, write the description for your post yourself instead of copying it from anywhere. This will make your post look genuine and of quality.

#5: Keep your Facebook account public.

This is an important thing. Often many people like to keep their Facebook account private. Friends, if you want more likes on your post, then you have to keep your account public.

When you keep your account private, users who are not your friends on Facebook cannot see your published posts. Only users who are your friends on Facebook can see them.

Therefore, if you want more and more people to like your post, then keep your Facebook account public.

#6: Go Live on Facebook.

Friends, if you want to connect more and more people on your account. You want more and more people to like, share and comment on your Facebook page and your posts. So if possible, connect with your followers and have conversations with them by starting live on your account every day. And you can entertain them.

Share what you have with your friends and followers. By doing this more and more people will like and follow your page. In this way you live daily and gradually you will see that the reach of your account will increase.

#7: Select the “Niche” of your Facebook Page.

Often many people create their page on Facebook, then they do not choose the category of their Facebook page correctly. And keep posting anything on your page. Friends, do not make this mistake at all.

If you create a Facebook page, then what have you created a page for? And in this page, about which things you will publish the post, do it. And always publish posts related to the same things on your page for which you have created the page.

The niche you have chosen and whatever category your page comes in, always publish posts related to that.

#8: Username Simple ।

There are many users whose username is a bit long or strange. And this makes it difficult to remember the username and find another user by searching your account or page.

That's why your username should always be such that it is short, well remembered and there is no problem in remembering again and users can easily find your account.

#9: Find the Best Time to Post.

There will be many of us users who are new to keep this thing in mind while publishing the post. Friends, often people publish posts on social media at any time. But this greatly affects the engagement of your posts. And your posts do not get much likes, comments.

Friends, when you publish a post at a time when your followers are not active or there may be some other reasons.

To know the Best Post Time on your account or page, you should publish the post on your account on different days at different times. And then later analyze all the posts. And see which posts from which day and at what time are the best engagement. That is, Ko Se has the most likes, comments and shares on the post.

#10: Embed your posts.

Friends, if you are a blogger and you publish on the Internet by writing articles, then you can put your Facebook posts in your blog article.

Or you can embed your post in it by writing separate articles for your posts. After this, all the people who see your article will see your post as well. This helps a lot in increasing likes, comments on your posts and followers on the page.

#11: Regularly Post 

Friends, if you want good followers, likes, comments, not only on Facebook but on any social media, then it is important to publish regular posts on your account.

By posting regularly on your account, engagement will gradually increase in your account. And if engagement increases, then views, likes, comments and followers will increase on your account. So friends, do posts on your account on regular time.

#12: Use Social Media Management Tool.

With the help of social media management tools, you can easily manage your social media accounts. You can manage your social media by adding accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

With the help of Social Media Management Tool, you can increase organic likes, comments and followers on your Facebook account. In this you can also schedule your posts. Meaning that whatever posts you want to do, you can keep them by setting time in advance. And whatever time you have set, your posts are automatically published at that time.

You will find both social media management tools free websites and websites with paid plans. If you can use free websites. But if you use websites with paid plans, then you get a lot of good features in it.

#13: Don't use Auto Liker Tools.

Many Facebook users always make the same mistake. Often people use Auto Liker apps and websites to increase likes, comments on their Facebook posts. By using this, you get likes but friends, you probably do not know that your account data can be stolen and your account can be hacked.

In order to get some likes, you lose the security of your account. And then finally lose your account. So friends, never use Auto Liker Tools at all to increase likes on your social media account.

#14: Create shareable content.

Try to post such content on your Facebook account or on your page that the user can share with other users. Friends, you will often see that users like to share some Jokes, Shayari, Motivational Post etc. with their friends. You too must be sharing such a thing with your friends on your social media.

Now you can imagine how many more followers, likes and comments can come on the posts that are shared. That's why you should always publish such content that users like to share with their friends.

#15: Post on Trending Topics.

You can search the trending topics of the category on which you have created your Facebook page. And then even if you find the topic right according to your page, on that topic you can post related to that topic on your page.

By doing this you can get instant likes and comments on your post. Because you have published a post on a trending topic, then you can get a lot of engagement on your post. And your post can also go viral.

#16: Like and Comment on other's posts.

Friends, when you like and comment on a user's post, then other users also see your comments. And if you have made any such comment which users like very much, then those users will like Ana on your account and will also follow and like your account.

So in this way, if you make good usefull comments on the posts of other users, then engagement on your account and page can increase and you can get organic likes and comments on your account.

#17: Use the Facebook Ads Tool.

By using Facebook Ads, you can get a lot of likes on your post. But it is a paid tool. With the help of Facebook Ads, you can advertise your posts on Facebook. But it is not free, you have to pay for it.

You can start advertising your post on Facebook from as low as 80 rupees / day. You can place your ad at any location. The location you entered will be visible to Facebook users of the same location.

So in this way you can increase Organic Likes on your post through Facebook Ads.

#18: Create your own Facebook Group.

If you do not want to increase the engagement on your account, then you should create a Facebook group. After creating a Facebook group, invite your friends in it and then you can share your posts in the group.

The more users join the group, the more Likes and Comments will come on your post. And always share such post in the group that your users like and share it too.

So in this way you can gain Likes on your posts by creating a Facebook Group.

#19: Invite people to like your page.

You can send an invitation to your Facebook friends to like the page on your Facebook page. By doing this, more and more people will join your Facebook page and if more people will connect with your page, then it is obvious that more likes will come on your posts.

So in this way you can increase Likes on Facebook page by inviting your friends to your page.

#20: Cross share posts on your social media accounts.

Friends, share the links of your posts on your other social media accounts. You can cross share the links of all your posts on any other social media account you have.

By cross sharing the links, more people will see your post and more people will see it then more Likes will come on your post. So in this way you can increase likes by cross sharing the posts of your social media accounts.

#21: Watch and learn from Facebook Insights.

Friends, keep analyzing your Facebook page insights every week. In this you get all the details about your posts. In this, you get to know how many people liked, commented on your post and how many people have seen your post.

From this, you can compare that on which post of yours engagement has come the most. That is, which post has been liked the most by the people. After reading all this data, then you can get an idea of ​​what kind of post you should publish next.


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