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How to get Free Fire Dimond ?

What is Free Fire Game?

Garena Free Fire is a multiplayer battle royale game created by 111 Dots and published by Garena on September 30, 2017. Garena Free Fire game is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The game has received the title of "Best Popular Voted Game" by Google Play Store in 2019 and Free Fire set a record of more than 80 million daily active users in 2020.

What is Free Fire Diamond?

Diamond is a game currency in Free Fire. Using which we can buy things like Elite Pass, Costumes, Skins, Outfit's and Guns in Free Fire game.

You can also buy Diamonds in Free Fire by paying money and you have many such activities through which you can also get Free Fire Diamonds for Free.

Benefits of Free Fire Diamond

How to get Diamond in Free Fire  Before knowing this, let us know what we can do with Free Fire Diamond's and what are its benefits.

You can use Free Fire Diamonds to upgrade Weapons, Outfits, Characters, Pets, Skins, Cosmetic Items, Weapons and many more things in the Free Fire game.

Along with this there is another advantage of Free Fire Diamonds, through this you can participate in Luck Royal and Diamond Spin in which you can win many things.

Apart from this, you can use Free Fire Diamonds to buy Elite Pass in the Free Fire game.

Free Fire Me Free Me Diamond Kaise Le?

Free Fire Me Free Me Diamond Kaise Le On this topic, we are going to tell you some such ways, with the help of which you can earn some money and buy Diamonds in Free Fire.

So let us now know how to get free diamonds in Free Fire (Free Fire Me Free Diamond Kaise Le) without spending your money.

1. By Bug Reporting in Free Fire.

Garena, the developer of the Free Fire game, gives us a tremendous opportunity. In which we only have to find and tell if there is a bug in Free Fire Game. And in return you get Diamonds as a reward.

So let us now know how to join Bug Report Program and earn Diamond by submitting Bug Report.

How to Report Bug in Free Fire?

  1. First of all click on this link “ https://ffsupport.garena.com/ ” .
  2. Now click on the option of Submit Request .
  3. After that login your account .
  4. Now the full interface will open in front of you to report the bug , in which you have to enter your country, Free Fire ID and Free Fire game profile name .
  5. Now choose the option about which your bug is in Type Of Request .
  6. After this choose the right option according to you in Type Of Problem .
  7. Now below Description box for you to write in detail about your bug.
  8. You then the last one Attachments will get the option of which you attach screenshots of bug can.
  9. After entering all the information correctly, now submit your bug report by clicking on the submit button given below .
If your Bug Report is successfully submitted then you will get 100 Diamonds as its reward .

So in this way you can earn Free Diamonds in Free Fire by doing Bug Report.

2. By using Google Opinion Reward App.

Google Opinion Reward App is a Google Trusted Application. In which we can earn some reward money by completing the tasks and surveys given in the app.
How to use Google Opinion Reward App?
Open Google Opinion Rewards App and login with your Gmail ID .
Now if you get some survey then answer the questions asked in that survey correctly and complete the survey.
After completing the survey you will get some reward money which will be deposited in Google Play balance .

You can use these reward money accumulated in Google Play balance to buy Free Fire Me Free Me Diamonds .

Download Google Opinion Reward App

3. By participating in giveaways.

Friends, nowadays there are many such Content Creators, especially on YouTube. Those who keep GIVEAWAY for the Subscribers of their channel.

On YouTube, we get to see many channels related to Free Fire Game. And if there is a good channel with more subscribers then join that channel. Because GIVEAWAY happens often on such big channels.

Now it can also be of Giveaway Diamond, then you can also do anything else. If a giveaway is announced, participate through it.

So in this way you can get Free Fire Me Diamond by participating in GIVEAWAY of Diamonds.

4. By using GPT Apps and Websites.

Friends, you will get to see many such GPT (Get Paid To) Websites and Apps on Google. In which you are given tasks like completing surveys, downloading applications, watching videos, etc.

In return for completing the given tasks, we get some money in the form of rewards which we can use to buy Diamonds in Free Fire .

5. Poll Pay App

This application works exactly like Google Opinion Rewards. To get diamonds, you have to complete some tasks given in this app, in return for which you get some money as a reward and you can transfer those pesos to google play and from there you can get free from the transferred pesos. Diamonds can be found in fire.

Download Polly Pay App

How to use Poll Pay App?

First of all open Poll Pay App and login your account .
Now participate in the survey given in the option of Earn and give correct answers to all the questions asked in the survey.
After completing the survey, you will get some money as a reward .
When you collect a little more money, then you can transfer it to Google Play balance and buy Free Fire Diamonds .

6. Easy Rewards App

Easy Rewards is a GPT (get paid to) application. This app also works like Google Play Rewards. In this app you get Surveys and Quizzes, for completing which you get some Google Play balance as a reward which you can use to get Free Fire Diamonds.
How to use Easy Rewards App?
First of all open Easy Rewards App and login your account .
Now in this you get options like Top Picks, App Offers and Surveys .
Find the right task according to you from the given option and complete the task .
After completing the task, which will get Coins as Reward and complete different tasks like this and get Coins .
After this, you can redeem the earned coins on platforms like paypal, amazon, flipkart etc.

Download Easy Rewards App

7. Custom Rooms

On many gaming Instagram pages and YouTube channels, they create custom rooms and those who participate and win by completing challenges, they get many things in the form of rewards such as skins, vouchers, diamonds etc.,

So this is how you can win Free Diamonds by participating in Custom Rooms .

8. BOOYAH! By using Application.

Friends, you must have seen this application on Google Playstore but probably you will not use this application because you will not know what to use this application for.

BOOYAH! The app is the official application of Garena Free Fire Game. In which you can live stream as well as create Short Gaming Clips and share them with your friends.

There are various types of Contest's and Events in this app, such as, Watch and Win, you have to watch the given videos or Live Stream in this. And for completing tasks, Guns, Skins, Diamonds and more, things can be found in Rewads.

So this way you BOOYAH! Diamond's can be taken using the app.

Download BOOYAH! Application

9. By viewing ads in Free Fire.

Various types of Events and Contest's happen every day in the Free Fire game, by completing which you can win Diamond's and much more.

There is an event in Free Fire Game in which we can win Diamond's for Free. In this event, we are given some advertisements daily, which get diamonds on watching.

By reading this article, you must have got an idea that where you can use Free Fire Me Free Me Diamond Kaise Le and Diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for How to Get Diamonds for Free in Free Fire

1) How to get Diamond for Free in Free Fire?

To get free diamonds in Free Fire, you can earn money using GPT websites like Google Play Rewards and Poll Pay and then get Free Fire Diamonds.

2) How to get Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds?

To get Unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire, you can get Free Diamonds by participating in different Giveaways and Events.

3) App to get Free Diamond in Free Fire

You can use these two apps Google Play Rewards and Poll Pay to get Diamond in Free Fire.

4) How to earn diamonds for free in Free Fire?

To earn free diamonds in Free Fire, you can use apps like Google Opinion Rewards, Poll Pay and Easy Rewards to earn some money and buy Free Fire Diamonds from those pesos.

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